Photographer, Video grapher and Engineer based in Tokyo Japan.

Shooting Genres
- Underwater Photo and Video
- Landscape Photo and Video (including 360 degrees)

Shooting Gears
- OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5, E-M1 and AIR A01
- Panasonic GH-4
- Adobe Photoshop CC Camera Raw
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC
- Adobe After Effect CC

Award histories
- 2013 Nature's Best Photography Japan Second Class Grand Prix
- 2014 Asahi Camera MVP (March 2014)

Engineering Genre
- Smartphone application (iOS with Objective-C)
- Server application (Java, C# and PHP, Search Engine, AWS)
- IoT (Beacon, MQTT)
- Electronic works (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
- 3D Modeling and Printing

- Video Mate for A01
- Video Mate 360 for A01
- Underwater Mate for A01

- Mate for OPC

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